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Go On A Daytrip: LA to Mammoth

Who doesn’t want to leave the palm trees for a little snow from time to time? Nothing motivates us more than a long weekend like a trip up the mountain to Mammoth. So our Daytrip journey (but let’s be real – waking up and hitting the slopes is preferred so maybe make it a one-nighter) starts on CA-14 North where we started cranking our Daytrip Spotify Playlist “Snow On” get it Go On... Snow On... we digress.

First let’s talk about your kit. Bring a bit of LA street style to the slopes with OOSC and their retro ski suits. Putting sustainable practices to heart all of their outwear is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Stock up on your favorite libations at Mammoth Liquors which is known to stock the hottest new brands (including Daytrip) and craft brews.

Fuel up with a little lunch at Mammoth Brewing Company’s EATery (we can’t stop popping the Lil’ Sweeties tater tots) and hit the slopes.

Looking for a spot to Apres? Throw on the perfect Perfect Moment sweater and Pop into Tusks Bar

Heading there in the summer months? Hit the trails and hike. Start with Crystal Lake Trail. This gorgeous hike leads to a stunning blue lake that reflects the sky, bordered at its edges by tall evergreen trees and the rocky crags of the mountains that rise above. The hike in is not long, only about 1.75 miles, with an elevation gain of 900 feet, making it quite steep in places, and very strenuous, but with many beautiful spots to stop and rest along the way. The hike to the lake should take about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete each way, but at the lake itself there are also lots of great places to wander and explore. Or go towards the Devils Postpile and hike to Rainbow Falls, a 101-foot-high waterfall that is named for the constant rainbows that can be seen in the abundant mist. Rainbow Falls is best viewed around noon. The hike to the falls is a short one, only about 1.3 miles each way and beginner to intermediate level.

Complete your trip by toasting your adventure at Lakanuki Tiki Bar down some Poke Nachos before you head back to the land of actual palm trees.

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