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Endless Summer Playlist - The Hottest Tracks of Summer 2020

What makes the perfect summer jam? A TikTok-worthy bop or a chill-out mix that keeps playing from the first sip to sunset… Daytrip has crafted playlists that hit the right vibe from Big Sur dreamy tracks to BBQ worthy catchy bops. If you need songs that are perfect for an at-home cocktail party may we suggest the Jonas Brothers and Karol G’s “X” and Harry Style’s “Watermelon Sugar” Or Roll down the windows in the car and feel the breeze on your face and go on a Daytrip while you jam to Justin Bieber’s Changes that's a reminder of your...

Hemp CBD and Energy – Don’t the Ingredients Cancel Each Other Out?

Since the launch of CBD - cafes and bars have been dropping tinctures of CBD into coffee, matcha, and cocktails. But CBD and energy. Don’t the ingredients cancel each other out? Daytrip’s lead formulator who specializes in natural foods and beverages says “No”. In fact, the addition of CBD into a natural caffeine beverage prolongs the energy effect with a level more steady feeling, instead of the big spike and then crash of the traditional energy drink. Energy is an important part of how the human body functions. Burning and restoring in balance, it is important to replenish but not...

Take Your Zoom Meeting on a Daytrip

Seemingly everyone knows about Zoom now: parents, co-workers, friends, grandparents, and neighbors. The videoconferencing company is the hottest trend of Spring 2020, mainly because it offers free, 40-minute conference calls with up to 100 attendees. No longer socially distant - just geographically... people can decide whether they want to come together for happy hour or the Monday morning meeting. At Daytrip we say BOTH, which is why we are taking your meetings, friendly gatherings and family zoom meals to some of our favorite places this spring. Just "save as" these inspiring landscapes and whisk away for a moment with us.  You...

Hottest Online House Parties While We #StayHome

Some call it Club Quarantine, others Homeschoolin’ but the message is clear the party doesn’t stop… the party keeps YOU going while stuck at home. Whether searching for positive vibes, an all-ages way to keep your family moving, or a charitable way to get involved there is a party for everyone – the bonus? You get to walk into the club with your pajamas on if you want. Here are a few of Daytrip’s favorites. Daybreaker – The once in-person morning rave has gone live online. With bi-weekly themed costume parties and special guests (this week’s guest is Dancing with...

Maximize Dry January with Daytrip Hemp-Infused Beverages

Dry January doesn’t mean forgoing all things deliciously effervescent. In fact, why not use this opportunity to embark on a new facet of your wellness journey by swapping out sugary sodas with sugar-free CBD-infused beverages.Daytrip is different from all the other CBD-infused drink options. The company has developed proprietary Foliole Nexus Technology, leveraging high-frequency energy to minimize the particle size, enabling a near-instant effect and deliver consistent results.Discover the most popular Dry January mocktail recipes.