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What to stock up on during your stay at home

Stay Home Self-Quarantine Kit

With people taking precautions and voluntarily staying home questions of what to do, buy, eat and how to help; we at Daytrip have come up with our TOP 5 things to get you through. Fill your belly, fill your heart and remember “Happier is Healthier”

  • Frozen Fruit and Dried Fruit. Frozen and Canned Veggies.
    NBC News has reported a list of vitamin packed produce choices to help boost your immune system. Frozen fruits and veggies are picked at their prime of ripeness, so you will still get key nutritional value. Just remember to look at labels for added sugars and salts, choosing instead products that are canned in 100% juice.
For a bonus boost of “chill” add Daytrip Sparkling CBD-Infused water to your smoothie for a calm start to your new morning routine.
  • Fitness Apps.
    Steps struggling? Many fitness apps are offering free classes and or subscriptions through April 1. One of our favorites Down Dog has a variety of options from beginners, to 15 minute stretch sessions (necessary when sitting in the house all day). Want to extend your energy from work out to at home work day? Try the new Daytrip Go Functional Energy Drink with adaptogens, B Vitamins and zero sugars.
  • Netflix and Chill
    Are people still saying that? Yes, or no, we all know we’ve switched plotting our Coachella line-up with plotting streaming nights in and we may be here for a while… but never fear. Several new streaming options are launching in the next two months from Quibi on April 6th to NBC’s Peacock on April 16th and many studios that were planning on premiering at SXSW may stream instead.
  • Exercise your right brain.
    Coloring (yes even for adults) is stress relieving. All arts and crafts hobbies have the power to focus the brain similarly to meditation (according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information). Etsy has some great options where you’d do double duty by helping local artists. Our top pics:
    The Schitts Creek Fan Art Coloring Book
    The Hanging Planter Kit
    The Tie Dye Kit
  • Help the elderly and health-compromised!
    Panic-buying hand sanitizer and toilet paper only ensure that people around you don’t have what they need to remain virus-free, including people that can’t get to the markets or online like the elderly and the health-compromised and overextended food banks. Make sure you check in with neighbors, relatives, and people in your community that are at risk. If you have extras SHARE. And to help a food bank, donate money, not your extra canned goods. Just $1 can feed 10 families as these non-profits broker deals for food at discounted prices for people in need

Go On. Support your local communities, think smart, and be prepared, not scared. We got this!

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