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More Isn’t Always Better...

Buzz words like milligram count and "full-spectrum" are constantly used to describe the type of cbd within a product. But quality and guaranteed consistency is dependent on totally different things.

Daytrip® uses high-frequency energy to minimize the multi-spectrum, cbd-derived particle-size and then infuse it into sparkling water, creating particles that are 100% water-soluble and small enough for the human cell to process. Standard formulations waste about 90% of the cbd product due to particle size reducing the end effect.

Foliole Nexus TechnologyFoliole Nexus Technology

Foliole Nexus Technology

Then proprietary botanical terpenes are infused for enhanced effects. Each terpene is hand-selected by experts who have carefully evaluated the most popular botanical strains for over a decade.

With our focus on your "happy", a perfectly tuned smile-wide infusion emerges to charge this refreshment.

The end result? A zero sugar, zero artificial flavor sparkling water that can guarantee quality and consistency in every can.