Hemp-Extract Dosage: How much should you take?

Hemp-Extract Dosage: How much should you take?

We know by now all CBD-extract is not created equal and from forms like tinctures, gel caps to CBD-infused drinks consumers are buzzing about the trend but still have questions.

How many mg CBD-extract for effects to be felt?

The truth is mg count is not the main factor contributing to benefits of a CBD extract beverage. Making sure the particles are both water-soluble and small enough for the human cell to process is a way greater factor in contributing to how your body processes and absorbs CBD oil. This is called bioavailability. Something that is a factor in any supplement, if the particle isnโ€™t small enough your body has to break the material down in the digestive system, which takes 45 minutes at the very least and makes the stomach, intestine and liver work harder.

Daytrip CBD-infused drinks use high-frequency energy to minimize the multi-spectrum, CBD-derived extract particle-size and then infuse it into the formula. Standard formulations waste about 90% of the CBD extract product due to particle size reducing the end effect.

Daytrip sparkling water has 10mg fast-acting CBD-extract, with zero sugars, zero carbohydrates, and very low calories.

Daytrip Go functional energy drink has 15mg fast-acting CBD extract, natural energy from green tea and guarana, B vitamins, adaptogens, and zero sugars.

Choose whether you want to keep it mellow or extend your energy and go on a Daytrip with us!

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