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Make the Most of Dry January

Tips for Getting Through January 2022 the Sober Way!

Dry January – kicking off the new year by cutting out alcohol for an entire month is a health trend more and more people are trying each year. Alcohol isn't actually doing you any favors in terms of helping anxiety, depression, stress or the post holiday slump.

So, as experts in the sober curious movement – we here at Daytrip have some tips to make healthy actually fun!

TIP #1

After the overindulgent holiday season – reduce sugar in all of your food and beverages as well as cutting out the booze. Cutting out alcohol can help improve sleep, reduce cholesterol, lower glucose levels and blood pressure, facilitate weight loss, and reduce liver fat by an astounding 40 percent—and that's in moderate drinkers. Cutting out sugar can reduce body weight, and lower cholesterol & triglycerides. Of course, our Daytrip CBD-infused sparkling water has zero sugars and zero carbs to make the transition an easy one.

TIP #2
Improve your mood with easy non-alcoholic mocktails - while many are dealing with seasonal affective disorder, alcohol ads to that, since it is a depressant. Where as Daytrip’s mood elevating botanical terpenes are made exclusively to give you an uplift. Our fave!

TIP #3
Do a Dry January challenge with a friend. Brunch can still have bellinis just sub out prosecco for sparkling water (try our Daytrip version of a bellini here). And if you’re doing happy hour with friends, choose a place where they offer mocktail mixology. Google: mocktail mixology near me

TIP #4
Replace your after work drinks with something else the boosts your mood. If you're used to having a glass of wine on the weekend, replace that with something you know is going to boost your mood like a workout, meditation, online class, or our favorite – going on an actual Daytrip. Here is an idea for our favorite Daytrips from Los Angeles, San FranciscoSan Diego, and New York!

TIP #5
Don’t feel guilty if you slip up. We love the idea of having a paper calendar and literally checking days off. It feels like you’ve accomplished something. And if you cave in and have alcohol, no need to give up, just start again tomorrow. When you see the 31 days of January ticked off even you will realized you accomplished A LOT even if you weren’t perfect.

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