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Prebiotic Soda And Gut Health: Elevating Your Outdoor Experience

Hi there. Read this out loud: Getting outdoors is good for you.


We’ve heard it from doctors, influencers, know-it-all neighbors and even our pets. Have you ever considered how your gut health can play a major role in enhancing your outdoor experience? Time to take a little sip of knowledge from the newest member of the Daytrip fam: Organic Prebiotic Soda.


Relish in the delight of traditional sodas, but instead of experiencing sugar crashes and empty calories, you're nourishing your gut flora and promoting overall wellness. Prebiotic sodas are the health-boosting, mind-gut-connecting alternative you need to try.


Whether you're trekking through trails, charging the north face, cycling in the foothills or simply immersing yourself in nature’s beauty, these beverages can effectively fuel your body and elevate your outdoor experience. So let’s dive into the advantages of prebiotic sodas, for gut health and outdoor adventures.


To sum it up…


- Optimal gut health has a positive effect on many parts of your system north of your belly.

- Prebiotic soda serves as a healthier substitute for hi-calorie classic sodas or fruit juices

- Incorporating prebiotic soda into your diet can support balanced gut flora, optimal digestion, and overall wellness.

- Daytrip prebiotic soda features 5 grams of fiber from organic agave, 100% of your daily vitamin C, elderberry for immune support and a proprietary blend of botanical terpenes to boost the mind-gut connection for an elevated mood 


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    Exploring Prebiotics


    Our bodies all contain a system referred to our microbiome - a broad community of bacteria and other microorganisms that keep your body running. Our bodies contain trillions of bacteria, both good and bad, that must be kept in balance to maintain optimal health.


    You have likely heard the term probiotic - this typically refers to food and supplements with live cultures that augment, or add, good bacteria to your system’s microbiome. While probiotics may be more familiar, prebiotics are another essential building block to revolutionize your gut health. 


    Prebiotics are components found in certain foods, usually high in fiber, with health benefits that provide nourishment to the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Think of them as fuel for your body’s ecosystem, keeping you feeling tip-top no matter where your adventures lead.


    By nourishing your gut bacteria, prebiotics help maintain a balance of good bacteria in your microbiome, which is essential for optimal digestion. Prebiotics have also been associated with a strengthened immune system, improved absorption of nutrients and even an uplifted mood. 


    Prebiotics are found in all sorts of healthy foods, but can easily be skipped over in the daily hustle. Prebiotic sodas like Daytrip provide a deliciously easy way to get the prebiotic fiber your body needs, in a crisp and sparkling drink that can go with you anywhere.


    Gut Flora and Overall Well Being


    Believe it or not, the minuscule microorganisms residing in our intestines play a role in maintaining our well being. This ecosystem is referred to as your gut flora, or gut biome, which when balanced greatly contributes to our health.


    However, an imbalance in your gut biome can lead to serious consequences. Factors such as stress, unhealthy diet choices or antibiotics can disrupt this balance. An imbalance in your gut biome can result in digestive issues, weakened immune system function and even mental health problems. Yup - you read that correctly. Your gut health has an impact on your brain. This phenomenon is known as the Mind-Gut Connection. A two way street where your gut microbes communicate with your brain and influence aspects, like mood, memory retention and mental clarity.


    In this context, opting for prebiotic soda can be a game changer. It nourishes the good bacteria in your gut with prebiotic fiber and assists in restoring balance while optimizing well being. 


    Imagine surrounding yourself by nature, feeling invigorated and focused with the freedom to embark on your adventure without the burden of digestion or a cloudy mind. This is what a balanced gut flora can provide and prebiotic soda is a quick and tasty way to help make it happen!


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    Not all Prebiotic Drinks are Equal


    You’ve seen them. Fancy drinks all over your social media feeds with influencers and mixologists claiming to have the key to unlocking your body’s potential. At a glance, they may seem like perfection, but savvy folks like yourself like to look a little deeper. What is actually in these prebiotic drinks? Here are some commonly used ingredients and insights:


    Apple Cider Vinegar - Many popular prebiotic soda brands tout apple cider vinegar as a source of prebiotics and probiotics. While there appear to be many benefits to ingesting apple cider vinegar, ACV is neither a prebiotic nor a probiotic. It is primarily acetic acid, with some polyphenols for color and flavor. Any prebiotic fiber from the pectin in ACV has a negligible effect on gut health. Daytrip does not use apple cider vinegar. For more information, see this article.


    Stevia - Stevia has been a go-to low calorie sweetener for many drinks on the market. 300x sweeter than sugar, stevia provides an easy shortcut to a sweet tasting drink without the calories of sugar. Many people have expressed that they don’t like the taste of stevia as it can bring a slightly metallic or licorice-like flavor. There are also studies being conducted that claim Stevia can have a negative effect on gut health - see here. Here at Daytrip, we like to keep things natural. We found that a kiss of raw cane sugar provides the perfect complement to our bright fruit flavors. No stevia. No problem.


    Inulin - Fiber content in prebiotic beverages is commonly provided by inulin. This is a starchy, water soluble dietary fiber that is sourced from a wide variety of plants and vegetables. This fiber is not digested in the gut, and passes through to the large intestine where it can feed the good bacteria in your microbiome. Common sources of inulin are chicory root, jerusalem artichoke or a blend. Many beverages on the market find the cheapest ingredients they can source to tick the box of prebiotic fiber on the ingredient list. Daytrip Organic Prebiotic Soda was invented and formulated as a premium product, using organically grown agave as our inulin source to ensure the highest quality and efficacy. Cutting corners is not in our DNA.


    When it comes to food and beverages that we all consume, the ingredient panel is the most important piece of the puzzle. Top manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure the use of quality ingredients, without compromising on sustainability. Be sure to read your labels carefully.


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    Elevating your Experiences with Elevated Choices


    Outdoor adventures provide the best experience when you are feeling your best. A healthy gut, helps a healthy mind, helps a healthy body. Who would have thought this could all be helped along by indulging in soda. What a time to be alive? 


    Consider Daytrip Organic Prebiotic Soda as your secret weapon for enhancing any outdoor experience. Optimal nutrition plays a role in every adventure. Embrace its power without any hesitation and feel the elevation.


    Try Daytrip Organic Prebiotic Soda Today


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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